Western Africa forum event – Leave no one behind

Western Africa forum event – Leave no one behind

AfriLabs and ICT4SI have partnered to host our first West African ICT 4 Social Innovation workshop in Abuja, Nigeria, on July 27, 2017.

The workshop will take the theme: “Leave no one behind – a multi-sector action for African ICT solutions to bridge gaps through social innovation”.

The event aims to create a cross-sector platform for collaboration in education, health and rights-focused innovation; and will bring together various stakeholders including civil society organisations (CSOs), private sector agents, researchers, government officials and technology experts.

The workshop is organised in conjunction with local partner Management Sciences for Health (MSH), who said there is a need to highlight the urgent role of ICT in social innovation.

“This event is a milestone in bringing African tech experts to make reality of problem-solving so that we can collectively be a region known for secure, innovative and inclusive ICT infrastructure which enables Nigeria and our neighbours to have better education, health and transparency,” said Benjamin Akinmoyeje of MSH.

The workshop will see international tech experts give presentations feeding into discussions on the challenges and opportunities in ICT for development (ICT4D), the practical applications and successes, and the next steps in network sustainability. Email ict4si@spidercenter.org for more information or send us a message on our social media channels

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The ICT4SI network event is supported by iHub Kenya and funded by SPIDER



Press Release

AfriLabs and ICT 4 Social Innovation Network enter a partnership for African technology to lead the continent’s progress

Abuja/Nairobi/Stockholm, June, 2017: AfriLabs*, the largest network of African technology labs, joins forces with the pan-African ICT 4 Social Innovation Network*, founded by SPIDER* and iHub* to unite key sectors for digitally advancing development in health, education and rights across the continent. The Networks share a common goal of promoting African technology solutions to bridge divides in access to quality education, health and rights and to bring social innovation to scale for greater good under SDGs and AU’s Agenda 2063.

Social Innovation is borne out of creatively approaching the hindrances which stall development, whether in making sure that children access quality education irrespective of where they live, online security for rights advocates, or professional development for health workers. The ICT 4 Social Innovation Network already shares some of its members with AfriLabs, we are delighted to extend this partnership and confident that our alignment will bring new innovative solutions to the table“, Anne Salim, Network Manager for ICT 4 Social Innovation /iHub.

ICT 4 Social Innovation Network has a membership of over 35 organisations/companies working in private, public, academic, technical and civil society sectors, with a key focus on sustainable development goals through information and communication technologies (ICTs). The network showcases innovation and provides a platform for collaboration and organisational development.

AfriLabs Head of Secretariat, Anna Ekeledo explains the stimulus for the partnership “African tech hubs are at the forefront of technical solutions tailored for the African continent, by joining forces with the ICT4SI Network, we make sure that synergies of knowledge, opportunities and resources are strategically joined for greater impact and sustainability”.

The partnership is timely formed as the ICT4SI Network will host its 3rd Annual Conference in Abuja, Nigeria, the city home to AfriLabs headquarters on 26th October 2017. Visit www.ict4si.org for more information.

For more information email ict4si@spidercenter.org or contact the organisations through the telephone numbers below:
SPIDER –  www.spidercenter.org
Tel: +46(0)8 16 16 07

*iHub – www.ihub.co.ke
Tel: +254724145277

*AfriLabs – www.afrilabs.com
Tel: +2348149612015

Download full press release here

Becoming a member

Becoming a member

Thank you all for the positive feedback to our new look and website! Your shares, likes and comments on social media are much appreciated. The best way your organisation/company/institution can register interest in joining our buzzing network is to send an email to ict4si@spidercenter.org 

Nigeria hosts ICT4SI Conference 2017

Those of you that missed the 2016 Conference in Nairobi, Kenya may not have known but the place for this year’s Conference is set. We are going to be in Abuja, Nigeria!!!! As Henry Ummunnakwe and Benjamin Akinmoyeje promise on the “big announcement’ video, we can expect some lush Nigerian food, good enough to not make you want to go back home again. The announcement in beautiful Nigerian pidgin is also available on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, so make sure you share widely and keep your eye on our website to get the early bird tickets in May.

Let us make this not only an event to remember, but a year to boast about!

A Conference to Break Boundaries…

A Conference to Break Boundaries…

iHub and SPIDER are proud to announce that the 2nd ICT 4 Social Innovation Conference will take place in Nairobi, Kenya and will host African Social Innovators that use ICT to improve health and education for our communities. This year one day will be dedicated to the ICT4SI Network members (7 December) and we are happy to welcome all those who want to be part of a Conference that breaks boundaries on 8 December. Tickets will be available soon and more information will follow. Follow us on Facebook.com/ict4si for latest information or check back on www.ict4si.org