We are a network of  professionals from the African telecom industry, public administration, civil society organisations, researchers and skilled technical professionals that join forces to affect change in our communities across the African continent. With a common goal, we aim to, in practical ways, foster collaboration that enhances development within the African continent with information and communication technology (ICT) as an instrument for opportunities and innovation.

The ICT 4 Social Innovation Network:

Explores the integration of ICT to solve social problems and create sustainable social impact

Brings together Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), private sector, social entrepreneurs, government and technology gurus to solve problems identified and

Provides a platform to share knowledge and resources

Identifies new technological solutions and looks to leverage experiences and expertise

Is a springboard for further collaborations

Drives scale up of social innovation using ICT in the region


  • Lack of collaboration across sector lines for international development
  • Need for more communication, coordination and collaboration
  • Improve marketing of African ICT solutions to social challenges
  • Join expertise to accelerate Development
  • Highlight and share lessons learned
  • Develop and give access to ICT tools for improved health, education, and advocacy
  • Establish a network where organisations and companies can link existing networks to reach more people and have more impact
  • Raise the profile of African ICT for development
ICT 4 SI goals
  • Contribute to acceleration of development through using ICT in innovative ways
  • Enable African ICT solutions for better health, education and transparency to be scaled within the continent and beyond
  • Increase collaboration across sectors that all impact on national, regional and international
  • More efficient and effective use of ICT for development, involving the users and thinking outside the box
Network benefits
  • Active members with great networks
  • Focus on capacity building and organisational development for members
  • Common goal on Sustainable Development /Agenda 2030 (UN) & 2036 (AU)
  • Coordination and follow up through credible and transparent founding organisations.
  • Cross sector and multi-level engagement strategy